Faith-Filled Home Birth Workshop

Because having a home birth is about WAY MORE than avoiding hospitals!

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In this FREE 3-part video series, you'll discover...

  • how to shake free of the internalized fear and dependency associated with medicalized birth
  • ways to put the concern about PAIN to rest
  • the secrets to being prepared to confidently give birth on your own (even if you have a midwife)
  • practices for inviting the presence of God into every step of your journey, deepening your faith and becoming the mama your baby needs


About Your Guide.

I'm Brooke Collier, MA. I'm a birth worker of 10 years and a home birth mama 5x over. As a naturally-minded Christian, I am passionate about elevating women's vision of birth as a means of grace, and the process of growing, birthing, and nurturing our babies as an invitation into transformation and joy.

I have walked with over 100 women as they navigate the sacred space of birth, and I'm thrilled to offer to you what I've learned along the way.